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Spreading the Jam…

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We’ve just stirred up this poster to promote GovJamSX – feel free to download and spread it around – let’s get sticky!


*Note: This is small version for email – drop us a line if you want a higher resolution version for printing!


Some facts and figures about GovJam…

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The GovJam in 2012 (often called the “pilot”) was held in 2 locations – a Mothership in Canberra and some remote teams in Perth, with several “satellites” worldwide which helped out during the Jam but did not all jam for the full 48 hours or even necessarily have independent projects. Some were more “service providers” for the Australian jams. The satellites were in the UK, Spain, Italy, France and Iran.

Global GovJam 2013 and 2014 both had around 30 locations.

VIPs at the Jam have included several city mayors and senior civil servants, and one federal minister: the Australian federal minister (assisting) for industry, innovation and tertiary education Kate Lundy opened the pilot jam in 2012. She also made a long visit to the Canberra Jam in 2013. The Australian government has since used jamming in training and policy development.

The 2014 Barcelona GovJam took place in the civil service education centre for the Catelan government.

The Paris GovJam in 2013 took place in the office of the Prime Minister. (Note: they do not share the WiFi password ūüėČ )

Dr Andrea Siodmok, head of the Policy Lab of the Cabinet Office of the UK government is also a Jam-fan and has held jam-like events (they had a different name) through the UK. She spoke about it at the SDNC global conference in Stockholm last year.

We’ll be Jamming @ Ideas Hub

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We’re pleased to announce that we’ve now confirmed the venue for GovJamSX – it’ll be held at the amazing Ideas Hub in Market Square, Chelmsford. ¬†This community-run centre is the perfect¬†creative¬†space for meeting new people whilst having some fun, solving some problems and letting your creative urges run riot – with a good supply of decent coffee and marvellous cake. ¬†That’s a big tick from us then!